Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sprinkler Fun & A Bike Ride

We've been making a little more progress on our Summer Fun List! I think we've almost done half of our list. We should still be able to get most of the rest done, but there are some things that may not get crossed off. I think I was feeling a little ambitious when I put things like Lemonade stand on the list - what on earth was I thinking??

One of the things we did get to this week was playing in the sprinkler. After putting this activity on the Summer Fun List, I realized I had thrown away our old sprinkler earlier in the year, so I was really excited to find this idea on Pinterest. You just drill holes on the top and sides of the soda bottle then duct tape it to the end of your hose - instant sprinkler. This actually works much better than our old one did. The only problem is that you either have to have a dedicated hose just for this sprinkler, or tear it off and re-tape it any time you want to use it. Oh well, it was still good for an afternoon of fun. Sprinkler - check!

The second activity we were able to cross off our list was a family bike ride. Here we are all ready to set out on our ride. Needless to say, we didn't get very far. Peanut's little legs were going just as fast as they could go, but there was no way her tricycle was going to be able to keep up. I hung back with her while the others went ahead a little, but we all just ended up giving up and going home. We either need to get her a small bike of her own (which right now she's afraid to ride), or get one of those bike trailers that we can pull her and Penny in before we attempt this again. The older kids didn't seem to mind the shortened trip though, so that's one more we can cross off our list. Family bike ride - check!

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