Saturday, August 20, 2011

Patty's School Week

I think we're fully into the swing of things around here. We've completed almost three whole weeks of school now. Patty's enjoying being back in school, but is having a bit of a reality check with all of the writing involved with the new school year. (Did I mention she HATES writing?)

In history this week, she learned about early Christianity in Britain. We read about the monks and how some of them spent their whole day writing out books by hand. One of her projects was to color this Illumination pattern like the designs they would draw in the books they copied.

This wasn't part of school, but I found this fun activity on Pinterest. I just poured piles of baking soda on a sheet pan and gave them colored vinegar and squirters to play with. They all had a lot of fun with this, and it lasted much longer than a baking soda volcano would have.

We've also been doing lots of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but I don't have any exciting pictures to show of those. Patty did take her first math test this week and aced it :)

Finally, here's a little video demonstrating our science lab this week.

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