Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Family Fun List

Summer is officially here in out house. The kids have, for the most part, finished school for the year. There's still a little bit of history and reading to be finished up, but for now we are in full summer mode.
Needless to say, the professor and I tend to try to cram as many projects into this time of year as we possibly can. In an attempt to not let the summer go by without the kids getting to choose some fun things to do, we sat down and made a list together as a family of all the fun things we would like to get to this summer. I wrote it all out on posterboard for us to cross off as we get to them.
In case you can't read what's on our list, here's what it says:
Bike ride
Discover a new park
Fly kites
Have a water balloon fight
Treats from the ice cream truck
Berry picking
Lemonade stand
Driveway chalk drawing
Swimming in the pool at The Professor's workplace
Gigantic bubbles
Go to the "beach" at one of the local parks
Have an ice cream sundae party
Make popsicles
Backyard obstacle course
Wash the car

This should keep us pretty busy having fun this summer. I hope your summer is just as fun filled as ours should be.

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