Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Science is so cool!

I know I've mentioned before how much we just love our science curriculum, and I'll say it again. We just love our science curriculum. Both Patty and I think it is so cool! We use R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey by Pandia Press. If you're looking for a good science curriculum, check them out HERE.
This week in science we've been learning about Earth's surface, including how much land/water covers Earth. The kids tossed an inflatable globe back and forth to determine the ratio of water to land. I was amazed at how accurate their results actually were.

We also talked about how much of that water was available for drinking as is and Patty completed this lab sheet.

On a completely unrelated topic, here's just a little snapshot of some of Petie's math work this week. He had to cover a design using pattern blocks. We use Saxon for math and I go back and forth on whether I actually like it or not. I'm going to keep it through this year, because the kids are actually really learning with it, but I'll probably reevaluate after this year.

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