Saturday, September 11, 2010

Harvesting Potatoes

This is what we had with our dinner one night last week. We dug these out of our very own garden. I don't know if there could possibly be anything more satisfying than digging through the dirt in your garden unearthing beauties like these.

And this is what they look like inside. Could they be any more beautiful? Not to mention delicious!! We all devoured them and went back for more. They're a lot like a red potato, but if I had to describe them even more, I almost thought they had a bit of a boiled peanut taste. (That would be bowled peanut for all my southern friends.)
These pictures are of the pre-cooked potato of course. If I took time to take pictures of food once it was cooked, there would be a full on revolt at the dinner table; because of course my poor kids wouldn't have eaten anything that day besides breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack - but they're staaaaaarving!

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