Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Week In Review

Here is a look at our schooling adventures from last week.

We are really enjoying history this year. Those of you that know me know what a momentous occasion this day is. The day that I actually said I was enjoying HISTORY of all things. Don't misunderstand me, I am extremely grateful for the education I received and for the sacrifices my parents made for our educational opportunities, but maybe if I'd learned history this way, I may very well have enjoyed it the first time. Here we are making a model of the Nile River. We are using The Story Of The World for our history curriculum and just love the hands on learning opportunities presented in this series.

One of the activities I planned for Petie this week was a bingo game to work on number recognition. After we were finished playing with it, he wanted to do something different with it. After a mini brainstorming session, I pulled out some foam blocks and had him tell me what number was in each square, and then place that same amount of blocks over the number.

Peanut, as much as I love her, can be quite a handful during school time. I am quickly learning that I need to be really prepared and have activities lined up for her to do. Here I gave her two jars, one of which was obviously large, and the other small. I also gave her large and small popsicle sticks and she had to sort them into the right jars. She really enjoyed this activity and wanted to do it again and again. Those are the activities I consider a real success. We'll be pulling this one out again for sure.

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