Saturday, January 8, 2011

Colors and Letters

I have learned over time that our school days run much more smoothly if I have activities ready for Peanut to do while I am working with the older P's. This is one of the ever growing collection of things I have come up with for her to do. I already had these colored circles from another activity. I just cut circles out of construction paper and backed them with white so the colors would stand out better, then laminated them for durability. I affixed the circles to the front of this pocket chart that I picked up in the Target dollar spot. I gave Peanut a pile of colored popsicle sticks that matched the circles and she had to sort them into the right pocket. She LOVED this activity and asked to do it over and over again.
This one was for Petie. It's just another tactile way of getting him used to the shape and formation of letters. I wrote out the alphabet on construction paper and had him line up glass pebbles over the lines of the letters. He also enjoyed hunting around the room for things to put on each letter, and lining up our Little People zoo animals on the right letter.

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