Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sanity Saver of the Week

IKEA how I love you so. I love your furniture and your fabrics and your food and your play place for my kids so I can shop in peace. I don't always love the dent you make in my wallet every time I go there. Yes, The Professor and I have to sit down before we go and settle on an amount we are allowed to spend while there. What was this post about again? Oh yeah, actually this is one time though where IKEA was causing me more stress in my life than necessary.

Exhibit A:
I do really adore these colorful little cups and bowls they sell, 6 beautiful colors to a pack, and they have served us very well. I don't however love the fighting over which color each child was going to eat/drink out of. Apparently milk tastes sooooo much better when it's drunk out of an aqua cup (or whatever color they've decided to fight over that moment.) STRESS STRESS STRESS!

Exhibit B:
Thank you Target, you will save my sanity yet! I found these cute little cups, bowls and plates there yesterday. How convenient that they came in four different colors and I have four adorable children. They now each have a color that will be theirs forever and ever and ever. This applies only to cups, because it's the one thing that they come back to and reuse, so they needed to know which one was theirs. Any time they use bowls or plates, they use them and are done with them in one sitting; no coming back to them and having to remember which was theirs. For those I just picked one color and bought a bunch of plates of one color and a bunch of snack bowls of another color. No more fighting at meal times - Yay! At least not over colors of cups/bowls. I'm sure they'll find something else to fight over, but for now, one small piece of my sanity remains intact.

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