Monday, October 18, 2010

We Really Do Have School Around Here

I thought it was time for another school related post, since my kids grandparents read this and I don't want them thinking all I do is crafts all day while their grandkids are left to fend for themselves in the schooling department.

This week Petie was on the letter G, so our theme was G is for Go. We did all transportation related games and activities for the week.

For this activity, I printed this car picture from here. It's meant to be used with bingo dot markers, but we don't have those, so I improvised. I buried a set of lowercase alphabet tiles in rice. Petie had to fish around, pull one out and then match it to the uppercase letter on the car. Once he found the match he was supposed to color in that letter. Petie isn't a big fan of coloring, so he just wanted to circle them instead.

Patty learned more about Hammurabi and the Assyrians this week in history. She also listened to part of the story of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest fairy tales in the world. After she listened I had her illustrate her favorite part of the story. This was her drawing of Gilgamesh diving to the bottom of the ocean to find the magical plant that would make him young again.

I'm not sure I remember this part from the story, but apparently he encountered an octopus along the way.

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