Friday, September 2, 2011

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

File folder game from Making Learning Fun.
We also did the Hot or Cold file folder game from File Folder Fun.

Goldilocks magnet page from Making Learning Fun. My kids love it when I laminate these and let them drop colored water onto each circle.

Sorting objects into small, medium, and large. We used 3 sizes of spoons, socks, blocks, baggies, dolls, books, cars, and linking cube towers. This idea came from Totally Tots.

We used the storybook patterns from kizclub to retell the story. I attached magnets to the backs of them and stuck them to our filing cabinet. These were a huge hit and got played with all week long by all my kids.

I printed up some cards that said "too hot, too cold, too soft, too hard" etc.. and Peanut put the cards on things around the house she thought fit those words.

Sorting things that start with the "b" sound like bear, and things that start with the "g" sound like Goldilocks.

For our book cut-out this week, she assembled these 3 bears out of a bunch of circles. I found this idea here, but when I had to make them so small to fit on our book, the pieces became a little too small for her to glue on her own. I later found a much easier bear craft on the Totally Tots page I linked to above that looks like it would have been much easier for her.

We also ate oatmeal for breakfast and pretended it was porridge.

A few other great sites with activities for this book:
Katherine Marie Photography - I love her wooden spoon puppets!
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  1. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

    I love the magnets. I need to do more of that with JDaniel. He would love using the dropper.

  2. I get so excited to come see what story you themed your week on and all your activities. I need to buy some of those little bears for counting and those pattern boards. They look like so much fun! I really admire how you are able to take a story and use it the entire week and incorporate all 3 of your children into it.

  3. Great ideas - will have to do some of these with my two year old - glad I read this so I do more than just read the book to her

  4. Love the Too Hot, Too Cold, etc. cards. What a fun way to learn textures/temps. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We used the same Goldilocks printables this week! I love your idea to eat 'porridge' we will have to do that, still. Great week, thank you for linking up!!

  6. love the story magnets! How fun!

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase! Hope to see you again this week!