Monday, February 7, 2011

Gimme Five

Here's a simple activity we did this week that I adapted from a game on the site Toddler, Toddler. In the original game you would just call out a color and your toddler would go give a hand of that color a high-five. I knew this would be too easy for my kiddos, so I added a little more of a challenge to it. I put some letters I've been working on with Peanut on some of the hands, as well as the numbers 1-5, and some shapes. For Peanut, my instructions were very straightforward such as "Go give a high-five to the number 3". For Petie I would say something like "Go give a high-five to the letter that starts the word dog". And with Patty I tried to make it even more challenging and give instructions like "Give a high-five to the number that equals 2+3". Patty enjoyed playing, but wasn't very challenged when the highest number was 5. I'll probably add in some higher numbers and more difficult shapes next time we do this to give her a bit more of a challenge.

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