Monday, February 28, 2011

Find The Match

Here's another simple activity I did with Peanut this week. I chose a selection of things that I had two of from around the schoolroom, trying to vary the shapes, sizes, and textures of the objects. I put one of each item into a fabric bag, and laid their matches out on the table. I would choose an item, then Peanut would put her hand in the bag and try to find the match just by feeling for it. We have done this game several times now and Peanut just loves to play it.

Here are just a few things to consider about this activity:
1) If Peanut was having trouble finding the item I showed her, I would have her pick an item up in her hand, feel it, and then tell me which item on the table matched what was in her hand before she pulled it out to look. We both found this to be a little easier for her to play this way.
2) The possibilities for this game are endless since you can really chose anything from around your house. You could do all things from the kitchen, all things that start with a particular letter, a holiday theme etc... The only requirements are that you have two of each item, and that they fit in the bag.

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