Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Backyard Obstacle Course

Kick the ball through the posts.
Crawl through the balloons.
Weave around the buckets
Jump over the planters.
Down the slide.
Beanbag through the tire swing.
Step from log to log.
Under the hammock. (Oops, missed a picture of that one.)
Balance on the retaining wall.
Through the tunnel.
The kids opted to end the course by jumping in the pool. The professor and I chose the less adventurous method of tagging it. Winner of the backyard obstacle course....
Patty with a time of 56 seconds!
Backyard Obstacle Course - check!


  1. Love it. Is Jason still stuck in the tunnel?

  2. That is a hoot!! What a fabulous idea! I cracked up at the picture of your husband crawling through the tunnel. I can tell you are a FUN FAMILY!!