Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Fun!

Yay! School's out!! I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than the kids this year.  This has been one tough year for us and we could all use a fun, relaxing summer.  Last year we made our first Summer Fun List and had a great time doing as many things on the list as we could get to.  I've been collecting tons of fun ideas on Pinterest to add to this years list and we are really looking forward to getting started.  This is what we've come up with:

Feed Some Ducks
Make Funnel Cakes
Huge Indoor Fort
Living Room Sleepover
Play in the Rain
Paint T-Shirts
Go Bowling
Play Tennis
Make S'Mores Cones
Make Slime (recipes here or here)
Sponge Bomb Water Fight
Giant Squishy Water Bag
Make Popsicles
Ice Cream Sundae Party
Donation Day
Go to a Movie
Make Gigantic Bubbles
Take a Hike
Watch Movies all Day (on a rainy day)
Discover a New Park
Make and Send Postcards
Bake Cookies for Someone
Family Talent Show
Spend a Rainy Day in PJ's
Make Kool-aid Slurpees and Cherry Limeades
Go to a Museum

With a list this ambitions, I'd better go get started!  Do you make a summer fun list, or do you just "wing it?" Leave me a comment letting me know and stay tuned for updates on our progress.

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