Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Stockings

I LOVE Christmas! The moment we start pulling out the boxes of decorations and put on the music, I just get downright giddy :) I love the baking and the wrapping, planning our picture for the cards, shopping, etc, etc, etc.... I LOVE IT ALL! One thing I didn't love so much were our cheap fuzzy red and white stockings. How's a kid supposed to know on Christmas morning which stocking is theirs if they all look alike? Every year I vowed to make them stockings that were distinctly theirs, and this year I finally did it. And.... Here they are!

I followed this super easy tutorial I found on Pinterest, and I think they turned out so cute!! I made one for each of the kids and then decided that The Professor and I each needed one that coordinated with theirs. I love that mine is made from all of the different fabrics.

I can finally add stockings to the list of things that I LOVE at Christmas :) Now to make something super cute to hang them on since we don't have a mantle.


  1. Yay!! Those are awesome!!! I need someone to teach me to sew...{cough cough}. I might try crocheting some! :)

  2. These turned out so pretty! I hear you on the red stockings...We have them and they are so blah! I'm so glad you linked up the tutorial you used. I will definitely be adding "Make Stockings" to my list for next year.